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Regional Products:

Welcome in the oldest wine yards in France

More than a tradition, wine in the Languedoc is profoundly hankered in the spirit of the people and the region. Here, we produce wines that are rich and tasteful, and some of them are considered as extremely good wines for the connoisseur and gastronome.

During your stay, try some the “Vins de Pays”, the AOC from the Minervois, Picpoul, Saint Chinian, Faugères, Clairette du Languedoc, Coteaux du languedoc, but also the famous muscats from Frontignan, from Mireval, from Saint Jean de Minervois and from Lunel…


"Fario" with red point has its origins in our rivers, "arc en ciel" grows easily in a natural environment "saumon de fontaine". A fish from the mountains who likes fresh waters. The river “La Vis” is well known in France as one of the best spot for trout fishing, and you may find the biggest ones in the Herault river together with other large size specimen.

Olive oil

Symbol of peace, the olive tree stays forever a classic in the Mediterranean lands. You will need 5 Kg of black olives picked when matured, in the winter, to do 1 liter of olive oil known throughout the world for its health benefits.

Regional Olives

The “lucque” The “Picholine”

These green olives are in fact yellow olives plucked in October.


Truffes, the oak tree of the Hérault, working together for our greatest pleasures. ”The underground mushroom gets born with the rains of spring, falls asleep in the warmth of the summer appreciating some showers and finally decides to become adult towards the end of autumn. It will wit until the winter to spread its aroma and show its presence” (J. Barciet).

The Pélardon

The goat cheese from our region

With its typical strong taste, the producers of goat cheese have elaborated a specific know-how to create this delicious cheese.


2500 beehives are producing delicious honey with the character of our region (garrigue, mountains, bruyère).

If you are interested, we will make you try some of our favorite wines from the region, which you will be able to find in our Delicatessen shop, or directly at the producer.